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Center for Surgical Dermatology Services

 in Logan, Utah

Lone Pine Dermatology is proud to have the most highly trained experienced surgical dermatologist in Cache Valley. Dr. Cory Maughan has put in thousands of training and operative hours with his patients so that you can feel confident in his abilities to perform surgical procedures that will be quick, effective, and heal beautifully. He is a distinctly specialized skin doctor, one of only a few who practice Mohs surgery for cancer removal. This specialization contributes to the excellence of his technique for several procedures including eyelid and earlobe repair surgery.

The entire Lone Pine Dermatology team
 is known for their incredible bedside manner. They take the time to understand your history, your needs, and the correct treatment to achieve the best outcomes for your skin.

We Offer These Popular Medical and Cosmetic Surgical Dermatology Procedures


A biopsy is performed to find out if a lesion is malignant or benign, and can assist in finding a correct diagnosis for a hard-to-treat skin condition. These can be performed on any questionable area of the skin.
A malignant or unwanted mole may be removed through excision. A dermatologist uses a curette or scalpel for the mole removal procedure. Based on the size of the mole there may be stitches or reconstructive surgery to close the remaining wound.  
The Mohs procedure is a surgery in dermatology that is 99% successful in curing skin cancer if it is your first time attempting to remove it. Even if you’ve tried a different method before Mohs is still 94% successful in these cases. 
For melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer like basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), there are laser and excision surgeries outside of the Mohs procedure that can be used depending on your health history and goals.


During this eyelid lift procedure (also called blepharoplasty), Dr. Maughan can effectively remove excess eyelid skin, perform a biopsy, smooth wrinkles, and remove under-eye bags. The eyelid hood surgery lifts extra skin on the eyelid that in severe cases, blocks vision.
A ripped, torn, stretched, or split earlobe can happen to anyone, especially in a blown-out gauged lobe or another piercing mishap. Circumstances, like a dog bite or skin cancer on earlobes, also constitute reconstructive surgical repair.

Reconstructive Surgery

Skin grafts– and other methods for scar revision, removal, and prevention– constitute reconstructive surgery. With skill and great care, scars from any surgery or previous injury will heal in a natural and aesthetically beautiful way. 
A dermatologist or esthetician may use a laser for acne scar treatment or hair/tattoo removal. Lasers are versatile in what they can accomplish for varicose veins and some mole treatments as well.
Eyelid procedure

Mohs Micrographic Procedure, Eyelid, and Earlobe Repair Surgery

Our dermatology office is uniquely specialized in the Mohs procedure. Fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon Dr. Maughan has performed over 13,000 Mohs surgeries for skin cancer removal, and he continues to expertly eradicate skin cancer from his patients.

Expert eyelid and earlobe repair surgeries are also top specializations at Lone Pine Dermatology. Dr. Maughan has become the authority on perfecting both medical and cosmetic procedures because he values his patients' need to feel and look their best. 


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