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Earlobe Repair

Professional Ear Lobe Repair
Professional Ear Lobe Repair

Lone Pine Dermatology for Earlobe Repair

 in Logan, Utah

Our Logan, Utah dermatology specialists provide top-rate professional ear lobe repair and reconstruction for a variety of torn, ripped, and split ear lobe maladies. Ears may become damaged through different circumstances like:
  • Gauged earlobe stretched beyond your current preference.
  • A blowout from overly stretched gauging.
  • Split earlobes from earrings getting tugged on.
  • Torn earlobes from an accident.
  • Ripped ear from an animal bite.
  • Earlobe acne.
  • Skin cancer on earlobes.
  • Stretched and sagging earlobes from aging.

After an injury, without surgical guidance, the ear will often heal itself in a way that is contrary to your ideal aesthetic. In some instances, it doesn’t heal well at all and remains chronically painful. 

We use cosmetic dermatology to repair your ears to full health and return you to confidence in your skin. Dr. Maughan is the best surgical dermatologist in Cache Valley and has practiced through hours of training in reconstructive surgery across more than 2800 cases during his fellowship with Dermatologic Oncology at Samaritan Health in Oregon. He provides the natural look and effective solutions you seek to feel and look your best.
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Torn, Ripped, or Split Earlobe Reconstruction


How long will it take?
Earlobe reconstruction surgery is an outpatient procedure that can take up to 2 hours. It will be an in-office visit and you will be able to head home directly following the earlobe repair.

How to fix a ripped earlobe?
After using a local anesthetic, Dr. Maughan will expertly trim away old, scarred skin, providing new edges that will attach together. He will carefully reshape the ear and place stitches to hold the more natural shape.

Can I re-pierce my ears?
Yes, your ears may be pierced again once your ears are fully healed. This may take between 3 and 6 months. We recommend lightweight earrings. 

How long is my recovery?
Often our patients head back to normal activities the next or even the same day. You will feel recovered within a week and full healing will be between 3 and 6 months.

Do sagging earlobes need surgery?
For sagging earlobes caused more by natural aging than damage, surgery will not be necessary. We will use injectable dermal fillers to restore your earlobes.

Will there be scarring?
Dr. Maughan is an expert at reconstructive surgical dermatology and he will create a natural look for your ear. For any other scars you’d like to touch up,  we offer laser skin resurfacing.

Do you provide other services besides ear repair?
Our cosmetic dermatology services also include eyelid surgery, Botox, facials, chemical peels, and more.

Our Lone Pine Dermatology office is newly opened in Logan, Utah to carry out our mission of providing first-rate, local dermatologist services using quality, compassion, and integrity with every patient that walks through our doors.

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We serve Cache Valley including Logan, Smithfield, and Providence, Utah. We also welcome our Wyoming patients from Tremonton and Preston. Please call 435-554-8442 today to set up an appointment today and reclaim your natural earlobes.
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