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MOHS surgery Dr Cory Maughan
MOHS surgery Dr Cory Maughan

Mohs Micrographic Surgery

 in Logan, Utah

Mohs micrographic procedure is the most effective surgery for squamous or basal cell carcinoma (SCC, BCC) or melanoma, which each need treatment and full removal right away. If you are worried about a potentially precancerous spot, or if you’ve recently been diagnosed with skin cancer, Dr. Cory Maughan has compassion for the anxiety you are feeling in this situation. He will gladly take time with you to ease your concerns, and he is board certified through the American Osteopathic Board of Dermatology to offer a solution.

Skin cancer removal specialist, Dr. Maughan, is on your side and fellowship-trained to perform the Mohs procedure. In that time, he has completed more than 13,000 of these procedures. You are in safe hands.

Being certified in Mohs means that Dr. Maughan must successfully take on three critical jobs during the surgery.

  • Surgeon: First, he must be a skilled surgeon to carefully remove cancerous tissue in a way it can be studied.
  • Pathologist: Second, he is a pathologist to analyze the removed cancerous cells and uses them to map out where he needs to continue removal.
  • Reconstructive Surgeon: Third, he is a reconstructive surgeon who stitches and builds back up healthy tissue in an aesthetically pleasing way.

You’ll find Dr. Maughan at Lone Pine Dermatology, which often acts as a skin cancer removal center. He is one skin cancer doctor of only very few in Cache Valley who can claim completion of the laborious AOA-accredited fellowship in Mohs Surgery and Dermatologic Oncology at Samaritan Health in Oregon. Dr. Maughan’s rigorous training has prepared him to offer this quick and effective procedure for skin cancer removal. Mohs technique is the absolute best squamous or basal cell carcinoma or melanoma surgery for full removal.

3 Reasons Mohs Procedure is Superior for Skin Cancer Treatment:

Get it All

In the Mohs technique, Dr. Maughan will use a microscope to analyze one layer of tissue at a time, and he will keep strategically removing layers until his analysis confirms there are no cancer cells remaining. This is the only cancer removal technique that examines malignant tissue in this way to ensure it is eradicated.  
*Mohs surgery for skin cancer has a 99% cure rate in first-time treatment*

Preserve Healthy Cells

It is unnecessary to lose healthy skin when eradicating cancer. Because the Mohs procedure uses small slices, one layer at a time, and uses those samples to map out where the cancer is, Dr. Maughan is able to zero in solely on cancer cells which effectively preserves your healthy tissue.

Minimal Scarring

Skin cancer often forms where the sun can reach it, which means any scarring from removal can be right out in the open on your face, neck, and arms. With Mohs surgery, only the malignant tissue is removed. Dr. Maughan is a highly qualified surgeon to stitch or treat the wound in the least invasive way. He received extensive training in reconstructive surgery through over 2,800 cases during his Mohs fellowship alone and uses his experience to
minimize scarring.
Patient diagnosis
Patient diagnosis


After the procedure, you may experience some swelling and discomfort in the affected area, which should subside within a few days. You should also avoid any strenuous activity for several weeks and follow your doctor's instructions for wound care. Most patients are able to return to work within a few days, although it may take several weeks for the wound to fully heal.

Throughout Cache Valley and Logan, Utah, we will ease your mind and help keep your skin healthy!


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