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Chemical Peel for Acne Scars

Peel Acne Scars
Peel Acne Scars

What is the Best Chemical Face Peel for Acne Scars?

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The best professional chemical peel for your face depends on your specific needs and history. Our board-certified skin care doctors and licensed estheticians work with you to evaluate the condition of your skin and the goals you have.

We offer types of chemical peels from mild to medium depth, and take the time to understand your skin in order to provide the best type for your skin. Acne scars are best treated with a deeper chemical peel to lift more of the scar tissue and reveal new skin from beneath.
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Treatment Chemical Peel
Treatment Chemical Peel

What Does a Professional Chemical Peel Do?

A chemical peel before-and-after shows increased smoothness, tone, and evenness in color.  It creates a dramatic exfoliation of the first layer of skin at minimum; the deeper the peel, the deeper it reaches into the second layer of skin. Removing the skin through chemical exfoliation treats whiteheads, pimples, and blackheads by removing bacteria, dead skin cells, and damaged areas while promoting increased collagen. 
  • Before a professional chemical peel, you can increase the benefits by working with our skin care specialists to develop and maintain a personalized skin care regimen.
  • During a light chemical peel, you don’t require numbing cream though tingling may occur for up to 20 minutes. These are perfect for reducing lines and wrinkles, smoothing the complexion, and lightening dark spots on the skin.
  • During a medium chemical peel, it's required that your face be numbed with cream before the procedure and washed off before it starts. The effects of the numbing cream will last throughout the chemical peel to lessen discomfort. This stronger peel will provide the same benefits as a light peel and further reduce acne and other scars. 
  • After your treatment, your face will go through some changes in which it may be sensitized, red, and peeling. During recovery, your skin will need consistent moisture and maintenance of the skin care regimen that has been developed for your desired outcome.

It is important to let the skin heal naturally without any manual peeling or vigorous scrubbing. Also, it is imperative to keep your healing skin out of the sun and away from all forms of UV rays. The fresh new skin will be particularly prone to sunburns and varied coloration that we’re trying to eliminate. Once your skin has healed, the redness will subside. Smooth, even skin tone with reduced acne, scarring, and texture will be revealed.

Chemical face peels may be applied periodically depending on the sensitivity of your skin, the depth of the peel, and your specific skin care goals.
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Chemical peels are only one of the amazing cosmetic dermatology services provided by our local dermatologist, PAs, and estheticians at Lone Pine Dermatology. Many services may be used in conjunction or interchangeably with each other depending on skin needs. For instance:

Similar results to a chemical peel can be achieved with chemical-free options like hydroderm facials and laser skin resurfacing treatments.

More intense wrinkle reduction can be achieved with botox and other dermal fillers.
Dr. Cory Maughan is the best Logan Utah Dermatologist for cosmetic surgery including eyelid surgery and earlobe repair.

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