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Dr. Cory Maughan is the premier melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer treatment surgeon in Logan Utah. Dr. Maughan understands the risk, the fear, and the critical nature of a cancer diagnosis better than anyone. He has worked with thousands of dermatology patients through his years of training and practice as a board-certified dermatologist and is specialized in Mohs surgery fellowship. Dr. Maughan is proud to offer care at his new Logan, Utah, Lone Pine Dermatology office.
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What Are the Different Types of Skin Cancer?

Melanoma is considered the most dangerous form of skin cancer. It disguises itself as a new mole or simple blemish to remain undetected as long as possible. It then works to spread quickly while you carry on unsuspecting. Though it is the most dangerous, it is the least common.

Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC)
BCC is the most common form of cancer. As the name suggests, it forms in the base or lower level of the skin. BCC is cancer that grows more slowly than melanoma and will not spread as quickly. Early detection, removal, and treatment will altogether prevent its chance to spread.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC)
SCC is the second most common form of cancer. It forms in the squamous cells on the outer layer of the skin. These cells are flat as opposed to round basal cells. Healthy cells are naturally sloughed off and replaced, but cancerous cells will slowly spread to the surrounding cells. They may appear as scaly sores that don’t ever heal correctly.
Facial melanoma
Facial melanoma

Squamous and Basal Cell Carcinoma Removal and Treatment

The best prevention for all forms of skin cancer including melanoma, BCC, and SCC, is to:
  • Use sunscreen, hats, and UV-blocking clothing to always protect yourself from sun-damaged skin.
  • Never use tanning beds. The simple fact is that exposing your skin to UV rays increases your risk for every type of skin cancer.  There is a correlation between UV-damaged skin and melanoma.

The best defense against SCC, BCC, and melanoma is by working closely with a skin cancer specialist to routinely monitor your skin. Early detection is the key to lower cost, less invasive treatment, and a significantly higher chance of being fully cured. A specialized skin cancer doctor will work to eradicate skin cancer as soon as possible and before it gets the chance to spread.

The best skin cancer removal and treatment is Mohs micrographic surgery. The procedure is the least invasive with the highest success rate of treating skin cancer. A Mohs surgeon can be difficult to find because of the specialized and time-intensive training it takes to be recognized in the Mohs fellowship.

At Lone Pine Dermatology, Dr. Cory Maughan is one skin doctor of only a few who is qualified to perform the Mohs technique. He will remove one layer of cancerous tissue, examine it under a microscope and map out where the cancerous and healthy cells are.

He then uses the information to take another small layer and follows the same process. He repeats these steps until all the cancer cells have been removed. The continuous mapping of cancer cells assures two things. First, all cancer has been removed during the treatment. Second, that healthy tissue is left largely untouched.

Depending on your goals and situation, curettage, electrodesiccation, or excision are also successful skin cancer removal options.

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The crucial matter in all skin cancer is swift removal made possible by early detection.
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