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Skin Cancer Screening

Skin Cancer Screening
Skin Cancer Screening

Skin Cancer Screening
 in Logan, Utah

Lone Pine Dermatology prioritizes the health of your skin. We are committed to educating you, our patient, about when to make an appointment so that we can perform the most successful preventative care. In a skin cancer check and screening, the first thing we take into consideration is your skin’s appearance. We then rely on various types of biopsies to make a diagnosis, hopefully while your condition is in early skin cancer stages to ensure quick and effective treatment.

Monitor Your Skin’s Appearance
  • Monthly Personal Checks - It is wise to check the appearance of your skin for changes at least every month. Pay close attention to changes and take pictures of areas that look concerning. You never need to hesitate to speak with a dermatologist for a mole check.
  • Annual Dermatology Appointments - You may start to wonder what skin cancer looks like, in comparison with age spots or benign moles. Our skin care specialists will help you determine the difference at a skin cancer check every one to two years depending on your age and history. The appearance of your skin will be assessed from scalp to feet using a dermatoscope. A dermatoscope magnifies and lights up the skin for a more clear picture of what is going on. Atypical moles and melanoma are important to check for, but we will also check for other skin disorders. If problems are suspected, a biopsy will be performed to make further evaluations.


When there is an abnormality or a significant change in the skin, the suspicious area will be biopsied. A biopsy is when irregular tissue is removed to be studied in a lab and determined malignant or benign.
  • Methods: There are different methods for biopsy–some more invasive than others:
    • Shave - layers of skin are shaved off with a special razor for testing.
    • Curettage - a curette, which is a tool with a hollow circular tip, is used to shave more deeply than a typical razor.
    • Punch - a circular section of skin including all layers is punched and removed.
    • Scissors - a portion of skin is snipped off, usually when there is a raised lesion.
  • Categories: There are two categories of skin biopsies:               
    • Incisional biopsy - not all of the potentially compromised tissue is removed, just a sample.
    • Excisional biopsy - all suspicious tissue will be removed and analyzed.

Dr. Maughan and his team always take care to use the least invasive biopsy method that will collect a sufficient amount of tissue, and they will minimize your discomfort with the use of an anesthetic.

Often stitches are required to close up the remaining skin. You will leave with clear directions about how to care for your wound as it heals. Your skin will be studied at a cellular level by lab technicians who work closely with dermatology to know exactly what is going on. They will write up the results and report their findings so that a diagnosis can be made.

Diagnostic skin problems
Diagnostic skin problems

Melanoma and Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer Diagnoses

We understand that it is frightening to wait on a diagnosis and we are in a hurry as much as you are to get results and start treatment. We will communicate with you through a follow-up call and will schedule an appointment to discuss the findings of the biopsy. Your diagnoses may include:
  • Eczema (atopic dermatitis)
  • Psoriasis
  • Shingles
  • Melanoma
  • Non-melanoma cancer like basal or squamous cell carcinoma or a host of other treatable skin conditions.

We will walk you through the implications and start on a treatment plan right away. You may take comfort in knowing that our team is the best at what we do and we take incredible care of our patients.

Early Stages
Through regular skin checks and cancer screenings you increase your chances of detecting cancerous lesions and damaging skin conditions in the early stages when they are most treatable. You can take a deep breath knowing you are in the hands of Dr. Maughan, who has received Mohs micrographic surgery fellowship training to perform the best surgery for skin cancer removal.    

Find freedom from cancer and other skin conditions!

Our goal with all skin checks and cancer screenings is to provide you with the necessary treatment to keep you in or get you back to full health. We want you free from all skin conditions, free from worry, and ready to live your life to the fullest

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